Benji Blue is an indiscriminate mix of inspiration and growth within the realms of Health and Wealth.


I am 22 year old Australian lifestyle entrepreneur, and I have a huge passion for personal growth. I love basketball, learning new things, connecting with awesome people, and sushi. I’m very fortunate to spend a lot of my time travelling the world, and I currently spend most of my time between the US, Australia, and Brazil!

(No posing here… was totally unaware of all cameras :P)

I have come to realise that there is nothing more important in life than to follow your dreams, and doing what makes you happy. As a student of life I am dedicated to learning everything I can about leading an exciting lifestyle, and constantly pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone to grow as an individual.

I currently support my lifestyle by making money online with Amazon Kindle, Fiverr, Twitter, and Udemy and I want to show you how to do the same! My goal is to make $30,000 / month by March 2015 but at the moment I am still a little under halfway there.

I have created this website to document my progress, share my knowledge, connect with amazing people, and hopefully to inspire others to achieve their potential! I would love for you to…

A couple of achievements that I am currently proud of:

  • 5 x Amazon Best Seller
  • #1 Weight Loss book on Amazon.com
  • 55,000+ Twitter Followers
  • Built a Facebook fan page to 1.6 million fans
  • Taught over 16,000 Udemy Students between my 4 courses

Join me on my journey, and stay updated with all progress!